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For Some in Europe, High Lending Rates Hamper Recovery
“Without investment there is no employment growth, and unemployment is the biggest scourge in our country and in Europe.” For businesses in the 18 countries of the euro zone, sharing a currency is not the same thing as having a common cost of money.
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Storm Targets Eastern Europe; Largely Dry and Mild in Western Europe
Two main weather events will dominate Europe through Saturday. The first is a slow-moving storm system that will bring locally heavy rainfall and the threat of flooding to eastern Europe. The storm moved across central Europe on Tuesday, causing …

Populist gains to complicate Europe's free trade ambitions
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Growing support for far-right parties has dominated the run-up to next week's European Parliament elections but a lesser noticed theme is lurking: that protest parties on both right and left will try to scupper EU free trade talks.
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