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Putin Urges Europe to Do More to Help Ukraine, End Gas Dispute
President Vladimir Putin urged European Union leaders on Thursday to do more to help Ukraine through its economic crisis and said Moscow was ready for consultations with Europe over Kiev's gas debts. "The Russian Federation is still open to continue …
Read more on The Moscow Times was presented by Coinbase Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong. America’s largest crypto exchange engineer. Since the day it was founded, it has paid a lot of attention to the people living in charity. Armstrong was loyal to the strength of the crypto currency to help him, and his charity was to improve and improve conditions for global communities.
The new initiative, initiated by The Bitcoin Cash Association, will send a $ 1,000 BCH Campaign monthly to two troubled countries. One of Eatb’s campaigns is helping those in need in South Sudan and the other in Venezuela for food.
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Venezuela is facing serious difficulties due to hyperinflation, but in South Sudan, the situation is much more complicated because it faces economic difficulties in the region. As a result, food shortage is one of the biggest problems today. Using their BCH donations, the campaign can help the war zones and help meet the basic needs of citizens.

Europe's centre-right leads by a sliver before EU election: poll
There are 751 seats in the parliament, around 70 percent of which are expected to go to Europe's four mainstream groups – the center-right, center-left, Liberals and Greens. Around a quarter of seats look likely to be won by anti-EU or protest parties …
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Emerging Europe turns EM star in Q1
Economic growth in emerging Europe surged in the first quarter as Germany's dynamism drove manufacturing output and fears of that the Ukraine crisis would exert a damping did not materialise, data announced on Thursday showed. “In spite of fears of …
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