Europe's Cabbies Decry Competition From Uber App

Europe's Cabbies Decry Competition From Uber App
Milan's taxis sat idle for a fifth straight day Wednesday to protest competition from the ride-hailing app Uber, a high-tech challenge that has Europe weighing its consumer benefits versus its threat to old business models. Uber, a San Francisco start …
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Jews, Get Out of Europe
Over the weekend the European Jewish Association (EJA), along with other European Jewish organizations, held a briefing on the survey in Brussels for EU ambassadors and officials. One of the West European countries scoring lowest for antisemitism was …
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10000 European Union officials better paid than David Cameron
Details of European officials' generous pay and perks have come to light on the day that voters in Britain and across the EU take part in elections to the European Parliament. Mr Cameron has made reform of the EU a central part of his agenda for those …