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Clashes over Europe's promotion of tolerance
EUROPE stands accused of many failings in recent months, including weakness, internal division and naivety. But to hardline Georgian churchmen, the continent's greatest sin is depravity. Europe's promotion of tolerance for homosexuality, they say …
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Ukraine votes in presidential polls
European election monitors largely pulled out of Donetsk region for their own safety, citing a campaign of "terror" by pro-Russian separatists against Ukrainian electoral officials. Polls make a billionaire confectionery magnate known as the "chocolate …
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BRUSSELS — European elections reach their culmination on "Super Sunday" when the remaining 20 of the EU's 28 countries go to the polls, with the vote expected to confirm the dominance of pro-European centrists despite a rise in support for the far …
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Food Fight: In Cheese Wars, It’s Europe vs. US

Food Fight: In Cheese Wars, It's Europe vs. US
What's in a name? A lot, according to European trade officials who want American cheese makers to stop using names like Parmesan and Asiago. These are names the Europeans want to protect because they say Parmesan cheese, for instance, should …

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Europe closes slightly up; central banks in focus
In Europe, the minutes of the latest Bank of England policy meeting showed that some policymakers were starting to think of voting for an interest rate rise. "For some members, the monetary policy decision was becoming more balanced," the minutes said.
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Is the Time Right for Investing in Europe?
May 20 (Bloomberg) — Neil Dwane, Chief Investment Officer Equity Europe at Allianz Global Investors, examines the new focus on investor activism in Europe, remaining troubles in the Greek economy and investing opportunities in European markets.
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Europe's elections: Protest parties will rise, but 'big soft' center will rule
(CNN) — You'd might be forgiven for not knowing there is an election around Europe, starting on Thursday, to elect 751 members of the European Parliament, known as MEPs. You are not forgiven. There are 751 seats from 28 countries up for grabs. Nearly …
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GLOBAL MARKETS–China, Europe drag world stocks lower; dollar slips

GLOBAL MARKETS–China, Europe drag world stocks lower; dollar slips
(Updates with prices, fresh quotes). By Natsuko Waki. LONDON May 19 (Reuters) – Europe and Asia dragged world equity markets lower on Monday as concerns about slower growth in China prompted investors to cut their risks. The dollar slipped against …
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AstraZeneca weighs on Europe shares as it rejects Pfizer bid
LONDON, May 19 (Reuters) – European stocks edged lower on Monday, with British pharma group AstraZeneca weighing after it rejected a takeover bid, while broader sentiment was capped by an uncertain economic picture. Shares in AstraZeneca fell 14 …
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Europe's `Right To Be Forgotten' Clashes With US Right To Know
The European Union's highest court this week acted on Schmidt's concerns, requiring Google and other search engines to restrict searches on the names of private citizens that turn up information those private citizens would prefer the rest of the world …
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Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Win Will Benefit LGBT Rights In Europe: Official

Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Win Will Benefit LGBT Rights In Europe: Official
PARIS (AP) — The head of Europe's leading human rights body is praising Conchita Wurst's Eurovision victory as a positive sign that freedom of expression is thriving, and that Europeans are "allowed to shock." Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland of …
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Portugal's bailout ends but austerity stays as Europe tries to leave crisis behind
In this photo taken on May 15, 2014, a fishmonger checks sales as she waits for customers at Lisbon's Ribeira market. A thousand days on from its near-economic collapse, Portugal is ready to stand on its own again. On Saturday, May 17, 2014, after an …
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Putin Urges Europe to Do More to Help Ukraine, End Gas Dispute
President Vladimir Putin urged European Union leaders on Thursday to do more to help Ukraine through its economic crisis and said Moscow was ready for consultations with Europe over Kiev's gas debts. "The Russian Federation is still open to continue …
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Givecrypto.org was presented by Coinbase Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong. America’s largest crypto exchange engineer. Since the day it was founded, it has paid a lot of attention to the people living in charity. Armstrong was loyal to the strength of the crypto currency to help him, and his charity was to improve and improve conditions for global communities.
The new initiative, initiated by The Bitcoin Cash Association, will send a $ 1,000 BCH Campaign monthly to two troubled countries. One of Eatb’s campaigns is helping those in need in South Sudan and the other in Venezuela for food.
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Venezuela is facing serious difficulties due to hyperinflation, but in South Sudan, the situation is much more complicated because it faces economic difficulties in the region. As a result, food shortage is one of the biggest problems today. Using their BCH donations, the campaign can help the war zones and help meet the basic needs of citizens.

Europe's centre-right leads by a sliver before EU election: poll
There are 751 seats in the parliament, around 70 percent of which are expected to go to Europe's four mainstream groups – the center-right, center-left, Liberals and Greens. Around a quarter of seats look likely to be won by anti-EU or protest parties …
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Emerging Europe turns EM star in Q1
Economic growth in emerging Europe surged in the first quarter as Germany's dynamism drove manufacturing output and fears of that the Ukraine crisis would exert a damping did not materialise, data announced on Thursday showed. “In spite of fears of …
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Europe's youth ready to make their voices heard!
More than 5,000 young European came together last weekend in Strasbourg to discuss participation in the next EU elections, and issues important to youth, such as unemployment, education and the future of Europe. An event that top EU officials declined …
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What Europe thinks of Muslims, Jews and Roma
Ahead of the upcoming European Union parliamentary elections, the Pew Research Center released its latest survey data for France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. There are a number of interesting points in the report, but …
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For Some in Europe, High Lending Rates Hamper Recovery
“Without investment there is no employment growth, and unemployment is the biggest scourge in our country and in Europe.” For businesses in the 18 countries of the euro zone, sharing a currency is not the same thing as having a common cost of money.
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Storm Targets Eastern Europe; Largely Dry and Mild in Western Europe
Two main weather events will dominate Europe through Saturday. The first is a slow-moving storm system that will bring locally heavy rainfall and the threat of flooding to eastern Europe. The storm moved across central Europe on Tuesday, causing …
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Populist gains to complicate Europe's free trade ambitions
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Growing support for far-right parties has dominated the run-up to next week's European Parliament elections but a lesser noticed theme is lurking: that protest parties on both right and left will try to scupper EU free trade talks.
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Morning MoneyBeat Europe: Signposts Scarce As New Week Starts

Morning MoneyBeat Europe: Signposts Scarce As New Week Starts
Monday is distinctly short of market-moving events so the start of a new week is likely to see European investors gnawing at old themes. Ukraine will be one. Pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country have declared victory in a weekend …
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Ukraine eastern regions hold 'self-rule' vote
The US and the European Union see the presidential election as crucial to restoring stability in Ukraine. In a statement released on Saturday, Jen Psaki, the US State Department spokeswoman, said the referendums were "illegal under Ukrainian law and …
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Europe's companies write off €360bn in late paid and unpaid debt
… €360bn despite the pick-up in economic activity in the region. “The late payment consequences for businesses pose a real threat to Europe's competitiveness and social wellbeing,” said Lars Wollung, president of Intrum Justitia, a credit management …
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This Pop Star Is Selling Out Entire Stadiums in Europe, But You Probably Haven

This Pop Star Is Selling Out Entire Stadiums in Europe, But You Probably Haven
Son of a Rwandan father, killed in the Tutsi genocide, and a Belgian mother, Stromae (né Paul Van Haver) has been crowned the voice of the dejected youth of Europe. That's another way of saying all the youth in Europe. The Eurozone crisis that began in …
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Ryan Giggs targeting Europe as the interim manager looks to sign off season
Europe or no Europe, whether Giggs will be involved with United – either as a player or a coach – is still up in the air. 'I am going to take a holiday as soon as the season finishes and discuss with family and friends what to do next," said the …
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British View of Europe Faces a Test
LONDON — Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, recently unveiled a campaign poster he hopes will help his anti-European message win the European elections later this month: An outsize index finger points at onlookers …
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Sanctions Meant to Hurt Russia Take Bite in Europe
Sanctions against Russia are taking a toll in Europe as well, figures showed Wednesday, as a top U.S. official negotiated potential new economic punishment for the Kremlin's incursion into Ukraine. Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen, in Paris as part …
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Europe – Dream and Reality
After overcoming the economic crisis, several questions remain regarding the current and future state of Europe. Where is Europe headed, how sustainable is the European dream in a global world? What advantages does the European understanding of the …
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