Free Travel?

Is free travel possible? I'm sure you or someone you know has asked this question before. I mean, how cool would it be if you could travel the world for free. This is probably the next best thing to work that allows you to travel or pay you for a trip. Overall, though I don't think completely free travel is possible unless you have a billionaire friend or trust fund. Although completely free travel is not possible, you can get pretty stinky. So how do you travel for free or really close to it? Well, let's take a look at some of the biggest costs of a trip and see how we can reduce them.

There is no doubt that the biggest expense of traveling is an airline ticket and although you probably can't get free airline tickets unless you are a flight attendant or married to one, you can get cheaper airline tickets. The best way to get cheaper airfare is to use low cost carriers, so the next time you want to go research some low cost carriers and see if you can get a deal. The next biggest expense in travel is accommodation, but there are some great ways you can get around this. The best way to get around the cost of lodging and maybe even food is to do some house-trading work.

You might think that such deals will be difficult to find, but there are many websites that will help you, such as or WWOOF. These websites put people who need volunteers or workers in contact with people who are willing to work for free accommodation. Another way to get around the cost of accommodation is to use a website like This website allows you to connect with a host who may just have an extra room in their house and is ready to let you stay for free. This will allow you to make new friends and meet great people, the only downside is that these options are for shorter times, for example, many do not last more than a week.

So now that you can get cheap airfare and cheap or free accommodation, your biggest nest will be food. In some of the job exchange programs your food will be covered, but sometimes it won't be so let's look at how you can afford to eat. Stop going out to eat! Now you don't have to stop completely, but set a reasonable limit for yourself, say maybe once a week. Food is a huge expense and one that can be easily facilitated if you show a little self-control. It is much cheaper to buy local food and cook it yourself than it is to go out and eat every day. I hear some of you complaining, "I'm on vacation, I don't want to cook for myself." Well, you can either not cook for yourself and go on vacation once a year, or you can cook some of your own meals and go on vacation twice a year, the choice is yours. Also, do you want to go on vacation or travel? So while you may not always be able to cook for yourself, most of the time, especially if you are staying at a hostel or someone else's house. So suck it up and cook some food.

Now that you know what the three biggest travel expenses are and how to reduce them, you are ready to get out there and go on World Travel!